Rollins is the Odds-On Betting Favorite to Win the Royal Rumble

Seth Rollins is the betting favorite to win the 2019 Royal Rumble this Sunday at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona.

The most recent odds released on the event reveal Rollins at -125 to win the Royal Rumble game and earn himself a title shot at WrestleMania in April.
In the era of spoilers and spoiled wrestling enthusiasts online, it’s tough for the WWE to surprise anyone anymore but it’s possible that they have something up their sleeve.
Will Kenny Omega Debut?
The”New Japan is much far better than WWE” sect will be quite upset to see that sportsbooks are offering odds on prior NJPW champion Kenny Omega being one of the last four competitors at the Rumble.
Odds released by BetOnline list Kenny Omega at +1200 to be among the final four opponents — exactly the very same odds as established superstars Bobby Lashley, Bray Wyatt, Kurt Angle, Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar.
Rumors of Omega to WWE happen to be feverish and the latest episode of the Being The Elite web series did nothing to dispel the notion that there’s a long-term contract looming for Omega that will keep him away from your All Elite Wrestling promotion that’s been launched by The Young Bucks.
Omega has also been quoted saying that he is departing NJPW, but there’s debate about whether that is part of a storyline or is really valid.
Seeing him listed as a choice at sportsbooks will only fuel the speculation he has followed AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor into WWE.

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