Which NFL Team Will Antonio Brown Play For Next?

Antonio Brown’s brief career with the Oakland Raiders is currently over before it truly started, and chances are out on what NFL team the wide receiver will probably sign with next.
According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Brown was launched in the Raiders on September 7. The news comes in the wake of a set of events where the veteran lent his displeasure with the team.
The launch of brown is especially suprising considering head coach Jon Gruden told reporters on Friday that Brown would play for the group against the Denver Broncos despite getting on Wednesday.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has the New England Patriots as the +200 favorites to property Brown. Even the Washington Redskins (+300), Dallas Cowboys (+600), Buffalo Bills (+700), Houston Texans (+1000), Denver Broncos (+1000), Arizona Cardinals (+1000), San Francisco 49ers (+1000) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1000) will also be readily available to wager on.
As every day continues, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ choice looks smarter and brighter. Brown, who was dealt in the offseason for a third and fifth round draft pick, has been among the greatest receivers in the league because becoming drafted in 2010. Though, his antics have been shown to be a lot to manage, and now the Raiders must proceed without their superstar only two weeks before the year starts.
You definitely haven’t been paying attention, if you are surprised to find that the Patriots as the favourite to sign Brown. New England has created a custom of bringing in players which were perceived as malcontents and allow them to conform under”the way,” and Brown would certainly fit this description. But Bill Belichick, since the 31-year-old is a threat to uproot any locker room chemistry at this time might be scared off by Brown’s recent behavior.
It’s important to bear in mind that his upcoming destination is completely up to him, when attempting to figure in which Brown will go next. Brown does not need to clear waivers, so he’s now an unrestricted free agent who is free to sign he wants. For that reason, I’d rule out the Redskins, Bills, Cardinals and Buccaneers because none of those groups are expected to be playoff contenders at 2019.
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