Odds on Every NHL Team to Make or Miss the Playoffs

On October 3, the NHL is finally back after months of waiting. If it comes to projecting which teams have the best (or worst) chances to create or miss the playoffs at the 2018-19 season, bettors searching for value will find no lack of it at one sportsbook.
BetOnline has released odds on all 31 NHL teams to either make or miss the postseason in the spring. On the board, the Toronto Maple Leafs (-800), Tampa Bay Lightning (-800), Winnipeg Jets (-625), Pittsburgh Penguins (-550), Boston Bruins (-500) and Nashville Predators (-500) have the best opportunities to arise at the promised land.
The clubs with the worst odds to produce the playoffs are the Ottawa Senators (+900), Vancouver Canucks (+850), Detroit Red Wings (+525), New York Rangers (+425), Montreal Canadiens (+325), New York Islanders (+300) and Buffalo Sabres (+275).
Top stakes to make the playoffs
While it’s looking like a lock for groups such as the Maple Leafs and Lightning to create it, you won’t find any value in their existing rates. That’s why the teams available in plus-money to make the playoffs I enjoy would be the Colorado Avalanche (+150) and New Jersey Devils (+110).
The Avs and Devils made sudden playoff appearances annually before, and oddsmakers are definitely expecting a regression heading forward. But both squads look as they’re primed to progress back for the second year in a row and are going in the perfect direction, so a wager on them at the present price looks like a solid bet to me.
Top stakes to miss the playoffs
Sportsbooks and I’m differing on our remarks concerning the postseason hopes of two groups: the Columbus Blue Jackets and Dallas Stars. The Blue Jackets, who are +240 to miss the playoffs, have been in for a disappointing year in my eyes. With soon-to-be unrestricted free agents Artemi Panarin and franchise goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky set to reach the open market, I have a sense that the Jackets can manage one (or both) at the trade deadline if they are struggling.
The Stars are loaded with top-end talent but are lacking depth up front, and I am not sure they have what it takes to be a playoff team. At +135 to neglect to make the postseason, the cost is right.
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