Landon Collins glad to finally tackle Giants RB Barkley

Last year as a member of the New York Giants, Landon Collins was not permitted to hit running Saquon Barkley. Now that the security combined division rival Washington Redskins, he’s free to smash away.
“I have been ready to tackle Saquon,” Collins said over the weekend in his charity softball event, through Art Stapleton of “That’s my guy, however. All love to him and he’s been doing his thing as most of us know. But when I get to meet him at the pit this time, it’s going to be full-go.”
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Last year with Big Blue, Collins joked that given Barkley’s blend of speed and size, he was thankful he did not need to tackle the NFL’s reigning Offensive Rookie of the Year.
Now it’s his job to stuff Barkley in the hole for 2 games per year. It’s a task easier said than accomplished.
After moving on from the group that drafted him, Collins added that he feels he’s in a much better system because of his skill set than the one the Giants conducted last year under defensive coordinator James Bettcher.
“I don’t feel as if I bleed blue anymore,” Collins explained, through “I feel like [the Redskins] know my value and how they’ll use me in their own defense. I really don’t feel as though I had been used correctly within the defense I was playing ”
1 reason the Giants let this offseason walks was the plot fit that is questionable. Now the 25-year-old gets the opportunity to verify that decision wrong, first by stuffing Barkley from the hole repeatedly.

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