Usyk vs Witherspoon: Heavyweight debut looms as Oleksandr Usyk eyes glory

Oleksandr Usyk has had a taste of things to anticipate from pull-outs — injuries, insanity, the division, play, whispers and rumours. His punchs thrown.
Tonight the king of this cruiserweights gets real in his new venture, and he will soon find out that life in the airport is very different.
He is going to be hit harder than he can possibly prepare , mauled by more difficult and thicker guys that he has fulfilled. So when he lands his punches? In the realm of giants they may stare at him, asking for much more.
Novel Taylor-Prograis and Chisora-Price
The doubts and the questions are still pouring in although chazz Witherspoon should not be any match for Usyk but. This is what the heavyweight division is all about, that is exactly what Usyk has signed up for.
Its been a rocky road to arrive at Chicago from the ring using Witherspoon. A bicep injury postponed a scheduled introduction in the branch against Carlos Takam then, that week, rival Tyrone Spong was withdrawn after returningadverse findings at a drug test. Usyk must keep his head screwed on as fresh body after body that is new stands him outside.
The cruiserweight division, where Usyk scooped the World Boxing Super Series tournament and every championship, was filled with sharks who had teeth that were larger than their reputations indicated. Mairis Breidis murat Gassiev and Krzysztof Glowacki arent superstars with glitzy entourages but they have been hungry, and unbeaten world champions, the kind you could prevent without anybody noticing. Usyk defeat them in their yards and toured Europe – Riga, Moscow, Gdansk. Where next? He knocked out Tony Bellew on his debut.
Hardened Usyk and assembled the aura that now surrounds him of a southpaw who drowns opponents that doubles up as dancing entertainer with a gap-toothed grin and eyes which stare a hole.
But at heavyweight he needs to deal with more. The opponents than even heavier is the burden of expectation.
Deontay Wilder mentioned about Anthony Joshua:There is more stress on him. When I talk about his position I feel drained.
Elsewhere Derek Chisora is tables and rivals can be lulled by Tyson Fury outside . Andy Ruiz Jr coaxed Joshua to allowing him touch the title belts before their fight -in hindsight, Joshua later confessed , he should not have done that.
All these are real issues in the new branch of Usyk he might have to manage.
He will develop into a heavyweight the likes of which does not currently exist.
His defence is the most important matter as a cruiserweight going up to heavyweight, explained David Haye, among two men to become a world champion in both branches.
A larger heavyweight can simply impose his power if he can land on you. If he cant land, it does not make a difference
Former foe Bellew included:Pinning down him was challenging because his footwork was on another level. Any time I attempted to make a fight of it, he was too evasive.
WBC winner Wilder, of course, has began the derision of Usyk:He is too tiny. He is no threat to me.
Hes currently the challenger into the WBO belt, that Joshua and Ruiz Jr will competition, and hopes to battle the winner. When he extends his record to an unbeaten 17 fights the winner will know a whole lot more about Usyk.
Victory alone isnt always enough and this is a lesson which Usyk will find out. Jabs which come after the bell always accompany it. The question that already looms about Usyk: can he punch? About emphatically answering that, tonight is.
The boxing world is itching to understand when Usyk can compete at the peak of the division, if he can walk into the territory of the giants. Concerning ability the only real economists who may even begin to rival him that score is Fury.
The Ukrainian is ahit and do not get struck fighter and he needs to stay like that. Hell have to keep motion and the rate that has made him hard to hit.
He will also have to have the ability to reach hard enough to halt the big men in the division only walking through him. The fact that he was ready prior to the bicep injury scuppered the fight, to have in with Takam on debut in May, suggests he and his team dont have any concerns on either score. However, well have to see evidence that is hard .
Usyk can completely outbox Witherspoon but there is a 12 round exhibition not what people may wish to view tonight, they will want to watch Usyk win by stoppage and show us a power that is higher. Questions will be asked if he cant do that .
But in regards to Witherspoon, who won whose three defeats have come against fighters in Seth Mitchell, Tony Thompson and Chris Arreola and National Golden Gloves as a recreational, its difficult to find him lasting. Those fights came in 2012 and 2008, 2009 and he is only boxed eight occasions because Mitchell defeat him . He has won them but the opposition has been light years apart from that which he will face tonight.
At 32 Usyk has time however he is not going to accept it. Its possible he can go into a world title fight in his battle. His objective is to become the worlds number 1 heavyweight; he would not be stepping up were he not convinced he can attain that.

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