Odds Converter: Decimal, Fraction, American & Find Probability

There are 3 methods of saying odds that most bookmakers and websites support.
Implied Probability can also be useful when evaluating a bet or assessing how likely an outcome is.
Used primarily in the united kingdom and Ireland, fractions estimate the potential profit should the bet succeed, relative to the bet. For example if #5 is wager at odds of 2/1 that the possible profit is 10 (#5 * 2) and the overall returned is #15 (#10 and the #5 bet ).
Decimals quote the prospective return should the wager triumph, relative to the bet. By way of instance if #5 is bet at odds of the total returned is #15 (#5 * 3) that the possible profit is #10 (#5 * 3 minus the #5 bet ).
Positive figures: The chances state the winnings on a #100 bet e.g. american odds of 110 would win #110 on a #100 bet.
Negative amounts: The chances state how much have to be bet to win #100 profit e.g. american odds of -90 would win #100 on a #90 bet.
Implied Probability
Odds correlate to probability e.g a 3/1 bet is forecast to win you in each 4 attempts, hence the probability is 25%.
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