Winning from beyond the grave: Gambler who died after betting Roger Federer would win seven Wimbledon titles could scoop £100,000 for charity

A gambler who bet tennis star Roger Federer would win the Wimbledon title seven days could get more than 100,000 from beyond the grave.
Nick Newlife staked a wager of #1,520 on the Swiss genius to clinch seven Wimbledon singles’ titles in odds of 66/1 back in 2003.
The punter, from Oxford, died in February 2009 at the age of 59, denying him the prospect of seeing his long-range wager come to fruition.
But bachelor Mr Newlife made arrangements in the event of his passing by saying in his will that any profits from the outstanding bet should go to Oxfam.
The charity proceeds to get #101,840 if 29-year-old Federer clinches his seventh Wimbledon singles triumph, William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said.
The wager states that Federer has to win a title by 2019.
Mr Sharpe said:’Federer has returned to top form in recent tournaments, losing only to Rafael Nadal in last week’s French Open and he’s a leading contender for this season’s tournament.
‘Nadal is 2/1 favorite, but Federer is 5/2 second favourite and he could yet prove a literal dead cert for both Mr Newlife and Oxfam.’
Stuart Fowkes, from Oxfam, said:’Legacies amount to 10 per cent of our total income from individuals, so they are crucial to people, as well as this case demonstrates that they can come in many shapes and sizes’

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