The Manchester United striker debate: Marcus Rashford? Someone else? Or a mobile attack?

Marcus Rashford impressed at Manchester Uniteds 1-1 draw scoring the opening goal but is he the perfect man to lead the line for Ole Gunnar Solskjaers side?
A discussion was prompted by his performance in the Sky Sports studio on Super since Gary Neville, Graeme Souness, Roy Keane and Jose Mourinho assessed Rashfords suitability and gave his views on the type of striker that Manchester United side requirements.
Despite Rashfords eye-catching display at Old Trafford, Souness was that Manchester United still will need to bring in a proven goalscorer to replace Romelu Lukaku, who was sold to Inter Milan during the summer.
He might be just one day, but he is not the final article right now, he said of Rashford. Hes not scored enough goals in the Premier League for Manchester United to hang their hat to him being the guy that is definitely going to take them right back to where they want. He needs help.
He has what to be a player, but this year hes been asked to be the primary man. It is the hardest place. He isnt prepared to fill that role. He needs help. Just like the young boy [Daniel] James will need assist.
Its too much . It is too much for any 21-year-old you might name. You can not possess a 21-year-old because the primary man in a club of this size.
Strikers are the toughest things to discover. Thats why they charge the most money. If you can land a person that gets you 25 or even 30 goals a year, and hes not exactly what you want, you take him and build the rest around him. You are struggling for goals, thats the thing you require.
Where Man United are today, theyll take nothing!
Mourinho knows Rashford greater than having worked closely with him. He insisted that the 21-year-olds encounter is no problem, instead saying he is simply far more effective from the positions that were wide.
I really dont think hes a 9 that may play from a very minimal block or which can be a target person, he explained. I think he is a man of movement, who can attack space and then strike defenders with the ball in his feet.
I really dont think hes a pure 9, therefore it depends on the model of drama. If Ole wants to play the way he played now I believe Rashford is the striker for him.
Hes young, but hes experienced. In 21 years old, he likely has more matches in the Premier League, at the World Cup, at the Euros, at 24, from the Europa League at the Champions League.
Therefore, for mepersonally, the point isnt his age, its his qualities. For me, he is a very good player in certain versions of drama, in certain positions. But as a target person, as a No 9, I do not think he has got the 30 goals a high striker has.
For me, he could get better and better and improved enjoying the way he did now, playing against the left side, playing a goal person.
But for him to be the goal man in matches where Manchester United are all dominant, playing defensive teams, against low blocks, I think its difficult for him
Neville, nevertheless, insisted Rashford could develop into a prolific No 9, including the priority for Manchester United should not simply be to deliver in any striker who can score goals – but one who will be the perfect match for the way Solskjaer wants to playwith.
He is still young, Neville said of Rashford. I look at [Roberto] Firmino if he first came to England, I look [Mohamed] Salah if he was at Chelsea, I consider [Sadio] Mane. Sometimes players need to develop to what they are going to become.
I believe United need a striker such as Firmino, such as [Heung-Min] Son in Tottenham. I think [Solskjaer] wants that type of participant.
I really dont believe he needs a typical striker whos going to be a Lukaku or some [Diego] Costa. I really dont think hes searching for this sort. I think hes searching to get a portable type in a three or a front two.
I think this club has always had strikers who can play in pairs, that donate the ball off.
Ill make a point about Ruud van Nistelrooy. We won championships centre-forward than once Louis Saha was attracted by us into partner Wayne Rooney.
He had been nowhere near as good a finisher as Ruud or as good a striker as Ruud, however, the team became even better. And that is my purpose, I do not think Ole wants a striker like this; I believe he wants a cellular striker.
Neville used the example of Jurgen Klopp and Christian Benteke in Liverpool. He just chucked him from the club since he didnt suit his style of play, he explained. Oles done the same using Lukaku, also Lukaku is a far better player than Benteke.
Ole is not going to sign a striker because he scores goals, since Lukaku would have done .
For Keane, the solution was simple. Just go and get [Harry] Kane out of Tottenham, he explained. Easy. Theyre in disarray. Just go and get him.
As Rashford, Keane theorised the 21-year-old does not actually want to be Manchester Uniteds key man, adding that he is better suited to a function for.
Lots of players dont want to be the primary striker, they dont need to be the principal man. I believe he wants to play wider positions. His power is his speed and he can impact the game more forthcoming from broad and obviously onto the counter-attack.
Its still a major problem, that he does not score enough goals. I do not think hes that huge existence if you want to be the primary striker at Man United. I really dont think he is good with his back to target.
But hes a talented child. He is still learning his trade. However, the strain on him in the last few months, I dont think he has dealt with it well because he doesnt wish to be the most important striker.

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