KSI vs Logan Paul: YouTubers met at fiery press conference before turning pro for rematch

Logan Paul and youTube stars KSI had a feisty face-off to tee up their rematch, and needed to be pulled.
The media personalities boxed into a draw in an struggle last year and will turn specialist to meet again on November 9, in Los Angeles.
They’ll use 10oz gloves and no headguards for the rematch and promoter Eddie Hearn stated:”I promise you, this moment, somebody is getting pumped away ”
KSI and Logan Paul spent the length of their media conference at Saturday night slinging insults at each other, with the crowd chanting”USA, USA”.
Shannon Briggs, the former world champion, will instruct Londoner KSI to be faced by the Paul of Ohio.
“We will be in extraordinary form,” Briggs said. “He will tear him apartand I guarantee you. My boy would be more prepared than any man ever. Logan Paul will knock him out”
Paul added:”Nobody that saw our first fight could inform me KSI is a much better boxer. I got tired. This was my first battle. Adrenaline dump.
“You know you do not stand a opportunity. I’d had four weeks of boxing. This time I’ve got Shannon Briggs in my corner.
“Initial round knockout. You know I won the first battle.”
KSI called:”Ultimately I will knock him off. That is what I’m likely to perform.”
A fiery head-to-head with both guys yelling at each other reasoned that the press conference.

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