Kodi Lee Given 5-1 Odds to Win America’s Got Talent After Receiving Season’s First Golden Buzzer

Did anyone out there overlook Simon Cowell’s’mentoring’? We didn’t think so. However, for some of you clamoring to see what talent and entertainment in the usa has been bubbling off the radar for the last year, your second is here. That’s right, folks, America’s Got Talent is back, baby!
Can Kodi Lee Win America’s Got Talent?
Can Kodi Lee Win America’s Got Talent? Odds at BetOnline
Yes +500
No -1000
05/30/19 was taken by * Odds We’re barely scratching the surface on this new year, and already fans and bet-makers are eyeing up the elimination-based reality entertainment contest, eyeing the contest for probability. So, is there any gain in putting early stakes on the year’s earliest surefire contestant?
After his piano and singing operation, musician Kodi Lee was given a standing ovation by the live crowd after his breathtaking cover of Donny Hathaway’s”A Song For You”.
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There’s no doubt that the performance was impressive and gave mega chills through a tv set. Lee, who is both blind and blind, commands his talent and transcends that much needed quality of a’je ne sais quoi’ wow factor needed to secure a triumph on a show like America’s Got Talent.
Here Comes the Competition
Surely, Lee’s rendition of this Hathaway classic was a television moment for the ages. His take on the song reminds you of just how understated and gorgeous music can be when stripped without being too produced.
As audience members got teary eyed, it had been simple to initially think”This guy’s going to win it.” But then you remember, there are months of strenuous elimination rounds beforehand, full of dozens of other eager performers who will be going to get a win as well.
There are months of rigorous elimination rounds beforehand, full of dozens of other eager performers who will be going hard to get a win also.
Lee’s talent is undeniable, you can’t overlook that by any way. But despite his remarkable accomplishment, it is important to notice we have seen that this caliber of star before. The moment someone else flashy and more quirky moves the stage, the spotlight is likely to glow brighter on them.
Select: No (-1000)

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