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One of the reality television shows which are very popular in the United States is America’s Got Talent which began in 2006. There were 13 previous seasons of this show with Season 14 place to start on May 28, 2019 and ending in September of 2019. The series is hosted by Terry Crews along with the present judges are Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union.
Event: America’s Got Talent Season 14
Where: California, Los Angeles When: May — September 2020
America’s Got Talent comes with a huge variety of people from across the USA who have a plethora of abilities, from singing and dancing, to variety and magic, competing to win $1 million dollars. The participants audition in hopes of obtaining a place on the live episodes of the season. The men and women who make it in the live episodes vie against each other and are judged with the goal of reaching the live final. America’s Got Talent was a springboard for many men and women who have started careers because they were on the series. The series has been a good one in terms of ratings on NBC, producing about 10 million viewers a year.
The procedure for America’s Got Talent starts each year with the auditions which are held throughout the USA. These auditions are called”Producers’ Auditions” and they’re held well before the season begins in May. The contestants who make it during the first stage then go into the”Judges’ Auditions” which are attended by the judges of this series. The player gets 90 seconds to perform their action before the judges and a live audience. The player is subsequently voted to proceed to the next stage or eliminated. Even those acts that get to proceed to another phase could nevertheless be cut by manufacturers. The series did allow taped auditions for seasons five through seven, but this is no more the situation. Beginning with the ninth season the series incorporated a”Golden Buzzer” which would enable a judge to automatically advance a contestant into the live audition round regardless of what the other judges thought.
The present format that is used had another tweak which began in Season 10 when the”Judges’ Cuts” started. This arrangement has contestants going through a preliminary audition and a second stage audition where they are judged by the board and also a special guest judge.
America’s Got Talent really begins with the live rounds and that’s where viewers get to see the contestants in actions. The dwell episodes are currently broadcast from Los Angeles and attribute quarterfinals, semifinals and the final. The format has the participant doing a brand new performance for the judges and the viewers in what is known as a”performer” episode. The judges and the viewers then pick who wins and there is a different”results” episode” that happens after the”celebrity” episode. There are different tweaks to the displays that have a”Wildcard” around that features acts which have been eliminated.
The goal for the participants is to make it into the season finale where they compete against each other. There are over two finalists in certain seasons, and the amount of finalists can fluctuate. The winning act which gets the most votes is the winner and gets a cash prize, reported to be $1 million dollars, although it is usually less than that as the winner can take a lump sum rather than the annuity.
Terry Crews started hosting the show in 2019 and there have been a variety of judges about the show, however, Howie Mandel has been one of the judges because 2010. The first season had a judging panel of David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, and Piers Morgan and the series was hosted by Regis Philbin. The current group of judges is Mandel, Cowell, Hough and Union. The guest judges have been released as part of this series in 2015 and also have included Neil Patrick Harris, Reba McEntire, Chris Hardwick, George Lopez, Martina McBride and Laverne Cox.

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