Raheem Sterling says ‘society must grow up’ and tackle racism

Raheem Sterling has called on society to”wake up” and comprehend footballers have been”human beings just doing their jobs” as players continue to be abused.
A variety of players, such as Tammy Abraham and Sterling’s fellow England internationals Marcus Rashford, are targeted online following lost penalties this year.
Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku was also racially abused by Cagliari supporters during a Serie A game a week, also Sterling says things have to change.
He told Sky Sports News:”It’s simple to state what happens next but there’s a whole lot of folks behind a computer monitor. Those are the ones which believe they can get away with things like this and are disappointing.
“We are in 2019 and we are still talking about this. I can’t say I’ve the answer but as a society we will need to nail down this.
“The folks doing it want to wake up and understand it is a new age and discrimination isn’t something anyone should face.
“We need to develop as a society and realise we’re just out here in our jobs. We are human beings and we have feelings.
“it is a touchy subject but I can not tell you I’ve got the specific answer. However, as a society we all will need to do better and appreciate each other more.”
Sterling called for Montenegro to be handed a stadium ban when he was one of several England players to be racially abused throughout the group’s win there last year, also was vocal in calling out racism throughout his career.
Discussing before the 4-0 triumph over Bulgaria of England on Saturday, Marcus Rashford called to do much more to prevent their customers abusing others on line.
“For me, it is too easy to do anything you prefer on the internet,” Rashford stated. “Any of us today could proceed and make stories and write what we need under anyone’s articles and no one would ever understand.
“The solution is not hard to figure out – if you had to show identification to create an account which means everybody can only have one account.
“For me, there is hundreds of thousands of people that use my name on social networking and they’re able to write what they enjoy.
“But people are talking out and people are listening hopefully we could put it .”

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