League of Legends Worlds Group Stage Day Two Round-Up

Catch up on everything you missed from Day Two of the League along with what Jankos and Zeyzal Create of their group.

Teams from Group A eventually kicked off their Worlds effort and they didnt disappoint, but it is still SKT who was the dominant facet of the group stage.
Group C has been dubbed as the type of death RNG and SKT revealed fans in match one. RNG didnt make it effortless for them Even though it was the first seed that emerged victorious in the end.
Both sides fought hard and dirty for 43 minutes in whats going to go down in history as one of the most exciting games at Worlds before RNG were caught out by a double teleport out of SKT, who immediately finished the match with a mere 100 golden lead.
After losing to SKT on Saturday, it was critical that Fnatic obtain themselves a win over Clutch Gambling should they want a fighting chance to escape from Groups – and that is exactly what they did on Sunday.
Determined to make Yuumi and Garen function, Broxah is set by Fnatic on his famous Lee Sin choice alongside Nemesis Akali. Huni looked promising on Tristana – a champion Faker absolutely dominated to bring Fnatic down.
A Elder struggle gave them the edge over Clutch although vulcans Bard caused some problem for the bot lane of Fnatic. Nothing is ensured at Reuters as well as the European seeds still have much to grow on after their performance on Sunday.
Invictus Gambling picked up their second win of the tournament by taking down Team Liquid.
The American side were able to secure blood when IGs three-man dip onto CoreJJ and Doublelift did not quite go his way. The two sides seemed – while still IG came away with the turret, Liquid managed to take Rift Herald.
However, the balance has been tipped greatly in the favour of IG as soon as they secured the game closed out. They are high in Group D with a 2-0 record and will carry on Damwon Gambling on Monday.
Ahq e-Sports Club and damwon Gaming gave us one of the matches of the day. There were just 15 kills in the match and the Alex of ahq admits that both sides made mistakes and ahq did not get a opportunity.
He said:It felt like a pity because we didnt even get to staff fight them, and we lost. I feel as though there are a few issues with our macro match and in the phase that is laning, we had plenty of errors.
The remainder of Group D are very powerful. We have four games left and I would give it a chance that wed win a few them. In all honesty, which makes it out of groups will be quite tough for us right now.
Finally, G2 Esports and Group A kicked their Worlds campaign on Sunday and Europes finest put .
Even though it was not the cleanest of matches, G2 made their mark from the beginning and his group was able to settle in the game nicely even though Caps expiring to Chovys iconic Irelia.
And Jankos, who advised fans to not exceed teams, is thrilled to conquer an LCK side on point so early in the tournament.
He said:I thought it was going to be very hard. It was hard and I feel the two teams shattered but we did win as a primary win against Griffin. Therefore, winning the game and in precisely exactly the same time winning from a group makes me joyful.
But it doesnt mean anything though because we still have five games to go and Griffin can nevertheless take revenge on us but I just hope we win the Group Stage and go into the Quarter Finals and play best of fives.
Last was Cloud9 who beat Hong Kong Attitude at the longest game of the day. Both sides moved back and forth for nearly 47 minutes and 37 kills however, it was apparent that both groups lacked in many departments to have the ability to close the game out.
The service Zeyzal of c9 admits that they might have improved better to handle HKAs Garen and Yuumi bot lane.
He explained:The match was overly long. The draft was really difficult for us although we thought it would be somewhat more easy. It was not particularly easy for all of us to engage on Garen or kill him
In what might be an essential decider on C9s odds c9 will take onto G2 on Monday however Zeyzal is convinced.
He said:I think that itll most likely be us or G2 to escape from groups. I think we definitely should make outside it and that I expect us to. I cant really say whether wed be seed or seed that is second – it depend on how we perform against G2 tomorrow.
We can definitely beat them though and draft will issue a lot. It would be quite funny if we overcome them tomorrow just because they have been shitting on NA year!

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