NFL Week 5 Betting Recap: Bad Beats and Crazy Upsets

Ravens at Steelers — Every week I think about the importance of having outs so that you can scan the NFL chances board and find the best possible line. The more top-rated, online sportsbooks you have available to you then the better the amount you will get your NFL picks in all. Because it may be the difference between a reduction and a cover, or a push, at the very least, I hammer this point home.
This was the case at Week 5 when all those Ravens supporters who had been convinced their boys would hit on the street and come away with a cover against a fierce rival in its own house decided that laying 3 1/2 was no problem. Well, first of all, the amount is the most critical number in football and I would search before I lay the hook if Im on the dot. But if I am on the underdog 1/2 is a gorgeous thing.
The most important thing is that if you did the Steelers back as home underdogs you would have been served by betting at Bovada or BetOnline, each of which were coping 3 1/2 because the Ravens wound up dropping 26-23 in overtime. The line settled in Baltimore -3 at the majority of the best online sportsbooks so this was akiss your sister type of sport – no harm, no foul. Since it had been in this particular game but remember, getting the best line available can be crucial to your bottom line.
Colts at Chiefs — Kansas City was being offered as everywhere between 10 1/2 to 11-point home favorites on the Colts, a .500 group which was coming from an upset loss as home chalk the week. Knows that the Chiefs young gunslinger is the next big thing and at the running for his second MVP Award. Thus, when any fighting team visits Arrowhead the hype machine goes into overdrive and a beating is predicted by all the talking heads that have paid big money tonotify us although very few of these have ever bet a nickel on their learned opinions.
But a funny thing happened with the Chiefs — Indianapolis not just maintained their own in this match — funny, if youre a Colts fan but came off with a 19-13 shocker that tarnished the perfect album of KC. This wasnt a terrible beat if youd the Chiefs minus the 10 1/2 or 11 because you had to be aware that the pay was in jeopardy when they trailed. However there were many some who had KC on the cash line included in people who had the Chiefs as their Week 5 suicide pool entrance or a parlay. This is where this conquer becomes really bad because failing to pay an 11-point perimeter is 1 thing but for that large home favorite to reduce is a completely different creature.
Once you wake up with angry losses still draining out of the afternoon before and covers monday mornings come early and hard. But do not despair, misery loves company, and each week we congregate and commiserate here in Crazy Upset column and our NFL Bad Beats. Until next week, could the losers as well as of the covers.

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