Some “seedigamis” occur every single year

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If you wondering what this chart is, it what I call “seedigami”. Seedigami, a word inspired by Jon Bois’ scorigami, refers to when a specific seed defeats another specific seed in the NCAA tournament. Some “seedigamis” occur every single year, such as a 1 defeating a 16 or a 3 defeating a 14, while others, such as a 9 defeating a 13, have only occurred once (in 2013, when Wichita State defeated La Salle).

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I love AE but it is not high end enough, and since they market heavily to teens/college student age folks its target customer base is not financially stable enough, to sustain an expensive subscription box model. Something like $25 $30 would make sense. Maybe if a few brands banded together to provide one service it would be more appealing.

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