(Supplied: Surez Ruiz, Zhou, Pham, Sci

Key points:A Singapore team programmed a pair of robotic canadian goose jacket arms to construct a flat pack chair frame in 20 minutesSuch dexterous manipulation requires skills such as vision, motion planning and force controlIf paired with advanced artificial intelligence, the robots could one day be fully autonomous

The day we can handball that job off is a step closer.

In Science Robotics today, a trio of roboticists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore unveiled a semi autonomous pair of robotic arms that can put together the frame of an IKEA chair.

Made from off the shelf gear, their invention can look at chair parts scattered around, grasp and lift the right bit, carefully insert wooden pins in pre drilled holes and slot the pieces together.

And while the robot’s repertoire of canada goose clearance sale furniture building skills is limited it can’t yet screw in metal canada goose factory outlet screws, for instance the canada goose outlet new york city technology could soon be ready for jobs that require human like dexterity, such as electronics and aircraft manufacturing.

Building a builder takes timeThe seemingly simple task of putting together a few pieces of wood involved around three years of canada goose uk outlet work, said Quang Cuong Pham, who is one of the robot’s canada goose black friday sale creators.

“Simply programming the robot to pop a pin into a hole took a year.”

This is Canada Goose Parka because even though the robotic arms are equipped with 3D cameras, the image resolution isn’t quite good enough for the robotic fingers to pop the pin in on the canada goose outlet first try all the time.

“The camera is good to around 2 or 3 millimetres, but that’s not precise enough for the snug fitting wooden pins.

“So that’s why the canada goose jacket outlet Canada Goose Online pin lands on the surface of the wood block, then moves around to search for the hole.”

Sensors on the robotic “wrists” detected if a pin successfully slid into the hole.

External Link: Watch the robotic arms assemble a chair frame. (Supplied: Surez Ruiz, Zhou, Pham, Sci. Robot. 3, eaat6385 (2018))

All up, the robotic arms took about 20 minutes to put a chair frame together, spending about 11 minutes planning their motions and nine minutes executing them.

The next step, Dr Pham said, is to fully automate the furniture building process by incorporating advanced artificial canada goose intelligence.

“It’s not full autonomy [yet] in the sense that the set of instructions still has to be given by us,” he said.

“Put the pin here, move the wood block there, transport it from one place to another place.”

Besides, the lab is rarely like the real world. A flat pack might canada goose outlet reviews be missing https://www.ferienhaus-starnberger-see.de a piece, or a pin might not fit in a canada goose outlet sale hole.

External Link: Sometimes not everything goes to plan. (Supplied: Surez Ruiz, Zhou, Pham, Sci. Robot. 3, eaat6385 (2018))

Robots are good at recognising an object and its position and orientation, but they’re not yet “reasoning”, according to Juxi Leitner, a roboticist at Queensland University of Technology who wasn’t involved in the work.

So artificial intelligence will allow robots to deal with goose outlet canada these problems as they arise.

“How does the robot reason with, ‘OK, I tried to put in one of the small pegs and it didn’t canada goose outlet shop go in all the way’,” Dr Leitner said.

“‘Do I need to put it in further or is it OK because I’m going to press it down on the other part anyway?'”

Despite advances in artificial intelligence and engineering, a fully autonomous furniture building robot is still a long way off, he added.

So canada goose black friday sale those who get frustrated assembling flat pack furniture will have to grit their teeth and persevere at canada goose outlet jackets least for canada goose clearance the next few years.

What’s with IKEA and robotics research?The furniture giant’s ubiquity means its products are found in robotics laboratories around the globe to benchmark and compare systems.

External Link: Watch two robots built canada goose outlet online uk by a US lab assemble a flat pack coffee table.

Dr Leitner and his colleagues will use IKEA objects when they hold the first “Tidy Up My Room” challenge in May canada goose outlet this year.

Teams will let robots loose in a messy room set up like an IKEA showroom to carry out a variety of tasks, such as picking objects off the canada goose outlet nyc floor and popping them neatly on a shelf.

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